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#10525 Anchor Bolt Kit.jpg

Anchor Bolts for Wet Concrete

#10626 Pound In Anchor Bolt Kit.jpg

Pound In Anchor Bolt Kit

#10735 Fitting Assembly.jpg

Fitting Assembly

#10736 Small O Ring.jpg

O Ring

Parts Layout for Stores JUG.jpg
#10880 Drain Plug.jpg
JUG Valve Flow Rates.jpg
Insulated Earth Tube.jpg

10 1/4" ID    14 1/2" OD

Uninsulated Earth Tube.jpg

12" ID    14 1/2" OD

#10000 Split Coupler.jpg
HD Shut Off Drain 005.jpg

View of HD Shut Off Drain Rod and Valve mounted in earth tube

HD Shut Off Rods.jpg
#51200 HD Shut Off Valve.jpg
#12010 Mounting Bracket for HD SOD.jpg

Mounting Bracket For Shut Off Drain

3/4" HD Shut Off Drain Valve

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