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Premium Quality Livestock Products in the US and Canada

Keeping Your Livestock Healthy

When it comes to providing livestock with premium-quality items to keep them happy and healthy, look no further than Bakko Industries. For farmers in the US and Canada, our livestock products focus on innovation and quality to provide the best for your herd. Our products include automatic waterers, walk-through cattle oilers, mineral feeders, float valves, and flowing waterers. Beyond animal care, we supply versatile tow ropes, screw pin clevis shackles, oblong master rings, and more. We proudly serve the agricultural community with products to enhance productivity and animal welfare.

Cow Drinking out of JUG Waterer

Innovative Animal Care With Jug Waterers

We offer Jug Waterers branded products to provide durable, easy-to-clean livestock waterers. Each waterer has a weather-sealed water reservoir that blocks out sunlight. This eliminates algae from growing in the tank, making these a much healthier option for livestock. In addition to preventing algae growth, each waterer is designed to remove feed from the water as the animal drinks, turning over the water to keep it clean and fresh. Find the perfect waterer for your livestock, including:

  • Standing Waterers
  • Stall Waterers
  • Parts and Manuals

Franklin Products Backed by Bakko Industries

Our line of Franklin products is designed to foster a more productive environment for your livestock, keeping them safe, happy, and healthy. We offer more than just waterers with this brand. We bring a trusted quality product to individuals across North America.  Discover the stellar products the Franklin brand has to offer, including:

  • Standing Waterers
  • Walk Through Cattle Oilers
  • Mineral Feeders
  • Float Valves

View Franklin

Mighty Towing Power With Champion Tow Ropes

In the realm of towing power and reliability, Champion Tow Ropes by Bakko Industries is committed to excellence. Meticulously engineered to handle the most demanding situations, each rope offers unmatched strength and durability. We can ensure you’re prepared for whatever challenge comes your way with this indispensable towing tool. Learn more about each Champion Tow Rope product, including:

  • Tow Ropes
  • Monofilament Polypropylene Ropes
  • Screw Pin Clevis Shackles
  • Oblong Master Rings

View Champion

Farming Solutions for Tomorrow

At Bakko Industries, we aren’t simply about making quality products, we are about fostering relationships and building futures for farmers and ranchers in North America. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and services drives us forward to offer the best livestock management and towing solutions. Join us as we enhance the agricultural landscape, ensuring prosperity and well-being for livestock and the farmers who care for them.

Portrait of farm worker rancher standing in sheep stable farmhouse and holding lamb domestic animal.

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