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The Jug Stall Waterer Was Designed With Your Horse in Mind

Durable rotomolded plastic construction with rounded edges and a stainless steel bite plate to prevent any damage to the unit from cribbing. The same clean, fresh water technology of the stand-alone models is offered in the stall model.

Available in both wall and corner mount, the waterer has a 2-gallon reservoir capacity for your animals and a quick recovery float valve. There is a slight mark on each bowl that shows the suggested level of water to have in the unit.

Close Up of Horses

Stall Units

For cold climates or if your barn is not heated we offer a 30-watt thermostatically controlled heated version for the assurance of frost-free water. The stall water has an external drain plug and a float adjustment screw to aid in ease of maintenance.

We offer an Insulated or Uninsulated Riser Tube for below the unit to run your water supply line up through. Insulated Riser for cold climates or unheated barns and Uninsulated Riser Tube for warm climates or use in heated barns. The Riser Tubes are composed of a 4″ Schedule 80 PVC with a 2″ Schedule 40 PVC inside. On the Insulated Riser Tube we inject spray foam between the 4″ and 2″ PVC creating a superior insulation factor. If your water supply line is coming up to the waterer from the bottom we feel the riser tube creates some protection in the event the animal would kick at the water line.

The stall units are very versatile if you are running your water supply into the stall from overhead you can easily drill a small access hole into the back corner of the unit and plumb in your water from the top.

Corner Mount Stall Waterer

• 2 Gallon Reservoir
• Stainless Steel Bite Guard
• Rounded Edges

Flat Back Wall Mount Stall Waterer

• 2 Gallon Reservoir
• Stainless Steel Bite Guard
• Rounded Edges

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