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Bakko Industries Inc

Bakko Industries Inc is a family owned and operated company that is located in central Minnesota.  Bakko Industries Inc was created in 2005 after purchasing JUG Waterers which was soon followed by the purchase of Champion Tow Ropes in 2006 and Franklin Waterers in 2018. 

The Bakko families have always taken pride in their product lines but have as much if not more pride and confidence in their dedicated employees.  

"I see how truly blessed we are daily to have such a dedicated and hard working group of employees.  I have said this many times, we wouldn't be where we are today without our employees, they are the backbone of our business.  The attention to quality and detail in each and every product we manufacture is second to none.  I also take customer service very seriously and want our customers to know if they call our number they will speak with someone who knows our products inside and out and will always take the time to listen to the customer and help in anyway possible.  I know our products are the best in the industry and absolutely love hearing feedback from customers who feel the same way.  If you are interested in any of the products you see here on our website please give us a call at

800-584-6675, we would love to work with you."

Carmen Bakko 

CEO Bakko Industries Inc. 

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