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Bakko Industries Inc purchased Franklin Waterers in the summer of 2018.  Bakko's knew the addition of Franklin to their product line was going to offer many more options to meet the customers needs.  Franklin has a solid line of waterers, mineral feeders and oilers to handle livestock large and small.  The Franklin Float Valve that so many have come to know and trust as a quality product is still going strong under the Bakko ownership.  Bakko's have made some changes to the product line but rest assured these are improvements to benefit you and your livestock with a product that is more durable and has increased longevity.

#20000 FRANKLIN RAE.jpg
P80 Franklin.png
#40630 FRANKLIN F5.png
#30080 MF3.jpg
P40 Franklin.png
49010 OILER.jpg
#49001 Wind Vane Mineral Feeder With Bas
#49002 Wind Vane Mineral Feeder.jpg
Mineral Feeder.jpg
#41612 Half Inch Complete Valve.jpg
#41644B Three Quarter Poly Float Long Ar
#41611 Half Inch Valve BL120 & BL117 Rou
#71010 K9 Waterer.jpg
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